2013 curling event to be bigger and better : Oilsands Curling Club - Fort McMurray Today

Posted on 02/15/2012

A small contingent from Fort McMurray have just returned from Napanee, Ont., where they were observing the 2012 Canadian Junior Curling Championships.

The Oilsands Curling Club at MacDonald Island Park will be host to the 2013 juniors and after witnessing a successful event in Ontario, they think they can do the event bigger and better than it¦s been done in the past.

(I think after seeing how they hosted it, with our team and our facility and our community, we can honestly make this the best event it¦s ever been,÷ said Oilsands Club president Tyler Spitzer.

(I truly believe that and it¦s my goal. After watching it first hand, I think that is what we will do.÷

Spitzer believes the 2013 juniors will be an exciting and unique event for the region and with Alberta winning both the boys and girls events, it will be a great event for fans.

(It¦s really neat to see representation from every province and territory,÷ said Spitzer. (There¦s parents and fans and they all get decked out in their provincial colours; it¦s not something that you see very often.

(We¦ll be the defending champions next year with both winners coming from Alberta, so it¦ll be very exciting.÷

Spitzer said many of the fans and curlers he spoke to in Napanee were excited for the event to be held in Fort McMurray because they have a connection to the area in some capacity.

The Canadian Junior Curling Championships have been a major stepping stone for several well-known curlers, including Olympic gold medalists Brad Gushue and Kevin Martin.÷

He added, (Typically, the host community will also invite curling greats to participate in the festivities and Spitzer expects Fort McMurray will be no different.÷

Spitzer said they will have at least one big-name curler in Fort McMurray.

(There were a couple of past Brier and Scotties participants in Napanee that were there in a coaching capacity or a media capacity, so I would expect you¦ll see that as well.÷

Spitzer said there won¦t be any updates on next year¦s juniors until the summer, but more details will be released in the fall once curling season resumes.

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